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Purposeful Picnics

Picnics have been around since, literally, the beginning of time. But why do we love them so?


Here are a few benefits of leisurely outdoor noshing:

1. Fresh air rejuvenate­s and invigorate­s. Clean air helps clear the lungs, while sunshine provides much needed vitamin D, which is essential for strong bones and healthy teeth and is a natural mood booster.

2. Quiet environmen­ts promote bonding with nature. Self-reflection while savoring simple foods can help one reconnect with what is important and also center the mind.

3. Without other distractio­ns, al fresco meals are the perfect time for nostalgic lawn games, swimming, board games, picking flowers, collecting stones, reading or even napping —all are wonderful ways to refresh the soul.

4. Preparing a picnic for a loved one is a sweet gesture that touches the heart and creates lasting memories and bonds. The process of planning, gathering and setting up a lovely picnic is satisfying and a lovely change of pace.

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