Cottages & Bungalows

Easy Summer Livin’

- Kelly McMaster, Editor

AS THE SAYING GOES, “If you’re lucky enough to live by the water, you’re lucky enough.” I completely agree!

I was blessed to grow up in a small, charming Minnesota town that boasted a chain of five beautiful lakes connected by a channel. In addition, my grandparen­ts built a cabin on a lake in northern Minnesota. I have many fond memories of family, friends and cousins enjoying time in the warm sunshine and playing in sparkling waters. It was easy summer living at its best!

In this issue, we’re delighted to bring you five amazing waterfront homes—found near lazy rivers and quiet lakes and the majesty of the ocean (pages 32, 46, 58, 70 and 82). We’re also visiting five other homes that have mastered “curb appeal.” We examine why their choices work so well (page 108).

Make sure not to miss a home with sailboatin­g as it’s décor inspiratio­n (page 102). Take a peek into The Bradley, a boutique hotel designed collaborat­ively by the co-founder of iconic lifestyle brand Vera Bradley and Provenance Hotels (page 96).

We’ve also rounded up our favorite summer travel and beach gear

(page 20), breezy pillows (page 13), crisp bedding (page 30) and fresh art (page 19).

And last—but certainly never least—see what our 2022 Brand Ambassador, Kara, has created to help us bring elegant summer styling into our homes (page 10). Also check out the progress of Project House Louisiana (page 114).

Here’s to a bright and wonderful summer!

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