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Ivey Creek Cottage

This former fisherman’s cottage on the river provides one couple with a dream-come-true lifestyle.


Nestled in the northern “neck” of Virginia on the state's east coast,

surrounded by the Potomac River to the north, the Rappahanno­ck to the south and Chesapeake Bay to the east sits the amazing cottage of DJ and Phillip Stalter. The couple purchased the cottage in July 2021 as a weekend home, and they routinely make escapes from their full-time residence in Washington, D.C.

Ivey Creek Cottage was originally intended as a fisherman's cottage. It was built in 1946 on the adjacent lot to its current location and was relocated in 1950.

The home is constructe­d entirely of wood. It still features the original hardwood floors, wood-paneled walls, wood ceiling and beams. It boasts an iconic red metal roof and a screened-in porch that spans the length of the home and faces the river. Once a bluish-green shade, its new, crisp, black-and-white exteriors pop against the blue of the water.

The main level of the cottage has two bedrooms, one bath, a living room with the original brick fireplace, a kitchen and a dining room. Three French doors open the living room and bedroom to the riverfront, allowing in fresh breezes, both day and night.

The upper level of the cottage, added about 10 years ago, is only accessible from outside the home by using the stairs that lead to an elevated, screened-in deck. It was converted from an attic to a living space, and a large, three-window dormer was added. The space includes a kitchenett­e, washer and dryer, an open-concept living/bedroom space, full bath and a screened-in porch with expansive views of the water.

“We enjoy coffee in the mornings at the end of the dock, hearing nothing but the water splashing and the birds and wildlife waking up,” says DJ.

The couple often brings home world-famous Rappahanno­ck oysters from the local seafood shop. They shuck them while enjoying a glass of wine with their dogs on the dock at sunset.

“The sky is often ‘painted' with orange, pinks and vibrant reds,” DJ notes.

The couple also loves to kayak, fish, swim and catch crabs.

And, they have a boat to explore the area. In fact, it's a short ride to Chesapeake Bay, where the views expand even more when the bay stretches out into the Atlantic Ocean. Because the river is connected to the bay, the brackish water (freshwater and seawater) offers abundant marine life.

DJ adds,“One of the neatest experience­s is watching the dolphins— yes dolphins—swim and play around our dock!”

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