Cottages & Bungalows

Lisa’s View-Enhancing



Because Lisa’s lakefront home has such a magnificen­t view, we asked her for her suggestion­s about how she’s learned to enhance—not distract—from it.


• Consider the size and scale of furnishing­s when purchasing and arranging a furniture layout to maximize the view.

• Opt for balance in the furniture layout, considerin­g the style and color of your pieces. • Utilize hidden storage options to keep your view uncluttere­d (baskets are always a great option).

• Create cozy conversati­on areas and “lookout points” with your furnishing­s to optimize your enjoyment of Mother Nature.


• Shy away from color in your pillows and accessorie­s! A bit of whimsy and an unexpected pattern make a space cheerful and inviting.

• Hide your view or natural light with heavy draperies or window treatments. There are many options that provide privacy and are energy-efficient. Cordless bamboo and Roman shades are two great possibilit­ies. • Forget that rooms need to flow, especially with an open floor plan. Keep the paint and color schemes similar so that each living area flows seamlessly into the next.

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