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Are you working with a lack of adequate square footage in your cottage kitchen?

When it comes to ensuring you can provide all the storage you need—while also having adequate space to prepare and serve meals—a small floor plan can present challenges.

Designer Kate Giese offers some advice about how to maximize your kitchen’s potential:

• Get creative. Feeling a little cramped? Move furniture or other features outside of the kitchen to give you a little more room to work without losing functional­ity. “Moving the refrigerat­or to inside of a closet can free up space in the kitchen while staying within steps of the action,” Kate says.

• Think thin. Although you’re working in a small area, you can still have an island. “A very narrow island or center table can provide working counter space, storage space or seating for one or two,” Kate points out.

• Smart storage. Look for ways to increase your storage abilities without encroachin­g on precious floor space. “Shallow cabinets and drawers (18 inches deep or fewer) can provide valuable storage while allowing for adequate walking space in a small room,” Kate suggests.

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