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Books can be art, as seen in Veronique’s library. Here are her tips for using books in your décor:

• ABOUT-FACE. Face them inward. Books aren’t just their spines—they also have paper with a range of different textures and finishes. Turning them inward celebrates this aspect.

• ORGANIZATI­ON STATION. In order to know where her books are when they face in, Veronique organizes them by author and genre one shelf at a time. She also has a “TBR” (“to be read”) shelf. “As a result, I know exactly where to go when I want to start a new book,” she explains.

• CURATED COLLECTION. In order to maximize your collection, rotate your books. Veronique sifts through her books every season and donates the ones she doesn’t want to keep. She enjoys having lots of books on hand for friends who come to stay. They can easily grab a book to read, either in the house or by the lake.

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