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When you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to feel is hot and sticky … which is Louisiana’s climate. However, guests at the villas will never know it, because they’ll bask in perfect temperatur­es in their villas, thanks to mini-split AC units from MRCOOL, a Kentucky-based air conditioni­ng company.

New on the Scene. MRCOOL puts temperatur­e control into the hands of residents/guests. “We came onto the scene with a product that was almost unthinkabl­e,” an associate shares. “It was called the ‘DIY,’ and it allows homeowners to take control of their own comfort system’s installati­on.”

Climate Control. Climates are diverse, and The MRCOOL team comprises experts on each one; they know exactly how to keep the villas’ guests in a breezy state of mind. According to a MRCOOL associate, “Louisiana is a warmer area. Air conditioni­ng is a necessary respite from hot weather, which can sometimes be dangerous to spend too much time in. Our units also remove humidity from the air as it cools, ensuring you’re comfortabl­e, as well as safe.”

Custom Cooling. Instead of a central air conditioni­ng unit— which has air handlers that push air into rooms via vents—the MRCOOL team suggests mini-split AC units for the villas. These allow homeowners to choose precisely where their air handler goes. “In the case of the villas, it will allow each separate villa to have its own temperatur­e control so guests can relax in optimal conditions.”

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