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Meet the winner of our first ever Curb Appeal Contest!


A charming and well-loved home exterior always

grabs our attention (and we know you love them too). We hosted a “curb appeal” contest earlier this year and, after many entries, along with a narrowing-down process and a community vote on our Cottages & Bungalows website, the winner emerged as Jackie Cessna of Boise, Idaho!

Born and raised in Torrance, California, flight attendant Jackie found herself assigned to a new base in Boise, Idaho, in 2017. While house-hunting, she came upon a Craftsman-style bungalow that looked rough yet exuded potential.

During the purchasing process, Jackie was able to view original abstracts of the title, which each prior owner of the home had kept. These included drawings and documentat­ion of the neighborho­od and owners’ names dating back to 1869! There was even a letter from the Idaho Historic Preservati­on Council stating that the home was built in 1921 by Boise native J. Cecil Jordan. Jackie knew she just had to restore this treasure.

Thus far, she has repainted the interior and exterior; remodeled the kitchen, bathroom and basement; and added a mud/ laundry room, as well as egress windows in the basement.

She’s also updated the front door; removed unsightly fencing to open her view and meet more neighbors; transplant­ed four large lilac trees from the front of the home to the back; and removed dead shrubs and more than 100 shaded day lilies that never bloomed. In addition, wider front steps and a larger landing were added, creating a more welcoming view.

Jackie starts her holiday decorating before Thanksgivi­ng so she can enjoy it for several months. No room in her house is spared: She places lighted trees in her front bedroom, living room, dining room and the sun porch on the front of the house. Strands of garland with twinkle lights and hanging Ball jars with candles on timers light the way. Jackie also has three lighted trees in the front yard that cast a warm glow on freshly fallen snow.

“The main reason my home is a showstoppe­r is because my windows are quite large in every room, and everyone walking and driving by can see inside. It must emit the vibe, ‘Come on in!' because people knock on my door to compliment my home … and end up getting a tour," says Jackie.

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