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Edible gifts everyone on your list will love


1. Coffee Pick-Me-Up Package.

A perfect package for a java-lover— gourmet coffee, flavored sugar and a mug, all sweetened by two servings of cinnamon coffee cake; $49.99. Visit spoonfulof­

2. Wreath Cake.

Choose the perfect cake from four flavors, topped with creamy vanilla icing and bright-red and bright-green decoration. Ships in a refrigerat­ed gift box. Serves 6 to 8; $60. Visit bakemeawis­

3. Wassail Gift Set.

Simmer down with a warm, spicy cider wassail, or enjoy a rich, mulled wine wassail with spice blends. Set contains two kits to brew 3 gallons each; $39.95. Visit oliverpluf­

4. Nooch Nutritiona­l Yeast.

Perfect for the vegan in your life, as well as health enthusiast­s and home cooks. In addition to the “Natural” flavor, “Sweet Cayenne” has a spicy-sweet flavor profile reminiscen­t of a tangy BBQ sauce; $35/ set. Visit livewholie­

5. Società Bona Furtuna Subscripti­on Box.

Join the Bona Furtuna inner circle. Members will receive a selection of products every month centered around a specific recipe (usually a traditiona­l Sicilian recipe) that’s been created by profession­al chefs; $75. Visit bonafurtun­

6. Revive Hangover.

Created by a team of nutritiona­l scientists and medical profession­als, “Tangerine Spritz” Revive gumdrops infuse a foundation of high-quality CBD with potassium, magnesium and DHM (a rare Japanese tree root used for centuries to treat hangovers); $59. Visit

7. Sun Tea Trio.

A sampling of three Southern sun teas—peach, raspberry and “Southern Style.” Hand-packaged by Oliver Pluff & Co. in Charleston, South Carolina; $38.95. Visit oliverpluf­

8. The Trio.

Simple syrups for coffee and special occasions. This best-selling trio pack contains one of each of the company’s flagship flavors. Gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free; $42. Visit enjoydaysi­

9. For the Man Gift Basket.

Gifts for men are hard to find—but look no further: This basket has the “manly” essentials he’ll love, from grilling goodies to salty and sweet snacks; $200. Visit lucysmarke­

10. Spice Up Your Life Set.

Perfect for meats, veggies and drink rims, this chef-crafted collection includes “Spicy Everything Salt,” “Spicy Barbecue Rub,” “Spicy Seafood Seasoning,” “Spicy Margarita Salt” and “Spicy Bloody Mary Salt”; $45. Visit redclayhot­

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