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Neha’s Tree Decorating Tips


• FLUFF AND SHAPE YOUR TREE. While it’s the most time-consuming and tedious step of tree decorating, fluffing your tree is essential. “I make sure there are no visible gaps so that the tree appears lush and lifelike,” Neha suggests. Even if you don’t have a real tree, fluff its branches to make the tree look as full as possible.

• ADD RIBBON AND GARLAND FIRST. It’s easier to evenly space out and place ribbon and garland if it goes on the tree before the ornaments and lights. Neha recommends using wired ribbon: It has more structure, which allows for more control. You can even layer narrow ribbons over broad ones for added dimension.

• ORNAMENT SIZE MATTERS. You should hang larger ornaments closer to the base of the branch and smaller ones closer to the ends. “I start with hanging the largest ornaments first, followed by the medium and smaller ones,” Neha points out. Doing it this way makes the tree look more balanced.

• GET CREATIVE WITH COLORS, TEXTURES AND PATTERNS. “It’s a good idea to use a mix of matte, glitter and shiny ornaments in different shapes and sizes to give the tree some dimension,” Neha adds. If you want to add even more visual interest to your tree, try adding stems, gift boxes and bells between branches.

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