Cottages & Bungalows

Pattern Play


Sara fearlessly mixes wallpaper patterns in the villas for breathtaki­ng results that show true design “moxie.” Here’s how to get the look yourself … and don’t worry! With these easy guidelines, it isn’t as intimidati­ng as it seems.

• Size Chart. Pair different-sized prints and patterns. “This gives diversity to the overall effect,” Sara says. “You don’t want everything to feel too matchy-matchy.” The contrast will also give dimension to the space.

• Base Point. “Use colors with a similar base tone,” Sara suggests. Use warm tones together and cool tones together. You can use different shades; and, as long as the bases are the same, the design will be consistent and elevated.

• Blend It. Blend together both simple and intricate patterns. A wallpaper covered in dramatic florals will be wonderfull­y offset by a simpler repeating wallpaper with a pattern such as checks or stripes.

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