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A Touch of Vintage

Create a nostalgic holiday vignette with charming collectibl­es.


CHRISTMAS IS A WONDERFUL TIME TO dust off family treasures or vintage collectibl­es and create a space in your home that honors holidays of the past.

“Paint-by-number” art is quintessen­tially cool and fits easily into a variety of décor genres, even if the overall mood is not vintage. Here, the focus is on PBN dog portraits, but you might collect sailboats or ships, florals, outdoor winter scenes or deer portraits.

Search terms such as “vintage paint by number” or “vintage art” will give you a good start.

Hunting for vintage Santa figures, along with timeworn ornaments and lighting boxes, is an entertaini­ng activity all year long. Stacking boxes (or rustic crates) adds eye-catching graphics to your display—and they’re so simple to arrange!

In addition, bit of sparkle with tinsel tassels or a simple garland made of dried orange slices will add a delightful­ly aromatic finishing touch.

 ?? ?? Try Etsy, eBay and Amazon for PBN art and
Try Etsy, eBay and Amazon for PBN art and kits

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