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This Nantucket kitchen goes from small to spacious with a fresh and charmingm akeover.


Sometimes a kitchen upgrade involves a simple paint job and countertop replacemen­ts; other times it’s necessary to start from scratch. Interior designer and homeowner Nancy Serafini, president of Nancy Serafini Interior Design, did three renovation­s and overcame many obstacles to ensure her dream cottage kitchen came to fruition.

|TOP| Nancy chose a mostly neutral color palette with gray accents to complement the colors in the adjacent living room. Large-scale light fixtures from Ann Morris Antiques keep the

kitchen from feeling too large.

|OPPOSITE| The positive side to a large kitchen

is Nancy has plenty of space for storage and appliances. “I wanted two dishwasher­s and four baskets for recycling,” says Nancy. The height of the ceiling allowed her cabinets to go up instead of out, making room for several shelves and

plenty of drawers for kitchen supplies.


When Nancy and her husband purchased this 1960s cottage in Nantucket, Massachuse­tts, in 1985, they ran into a problem that would require the entire home to be gutted. “It was a darling little cottage,” she says. “But there was a horrific odor that we later found out was mildew.”They ended up tearing everything down and starting over, giving them the opportunit­y to build their dream kitchen from the ground up.

“I wanted to maintain the integrity of the cottage-style home with a traditiona­l look,” says Nancy. White cabinets, simple pendant lights and wood flooring all help achieve this. “The entire kitchen was custom made on Nantucket by one builder, William Gorman,” says Nancy. Using a local builder helped keep the project close to home and pay tribute to its location. “We’re on an island and wanted to recognize that,” she says.

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