Gar­den Seat

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What You’ll Need:

• White cot­ton (two round shapes with a di­am­e­ter of about 15 ¾ inches)

• 10-cen­time­ter-wide strip of dark green linen

• 1 but­ton

• Long up­hol­stery nee­dle

• Green silk paint

• Stuff­ing

What You’ll Do:

Paint ferns in dif­fer­ent place­ments on one of the white cot­ton rounds.

Only use a lit­tle color since silk paint can soak into the ma­te­rial and bleed around the edges.

When you are sat­is­fied with your paint­ing, let it dry.

Sew the dark green strip along the edge of one of the rounds with the pat­tern fac­ing in­ward. Then re­peat with the sec­ond round on the other side of the strip, leav­ing about 3 inches un­sewn to al­low for fill­ing the pil­low with stuff­ing.

Turn the form right side out, and fill it with stuff­ing. Hand sew the gap closed.

Us­ing a long up­hol­stery nee­dle, sew the but­ton in the mid­dle of the cir­cle, pulling the thread all the way through the pil­low to create a tuft.

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