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MY PHONE’S BUZZING OFF THE HOOK as text mes­sages roll in about whose car we’re tak­ing next week to pick up the tree. An­other beep, and I look down to see an on­go­ing de­bate about Se­cret Santa for the gift ex­change or gifts just for the kids or gifts for ev­ery­one. Mean­while, my brothers and I will draw straws to find out which un­for­tu­nate one of us will help Mom pull Christ­mas boxes out of the at­tic over the garage.

For a mo­ment I take a deep breath, reel­ing from the pre­mo­ni­tion of a sea­son of chaotic plans, too many peo­ple in the kitchen and many more fa­vors than there is time to grant. But then I am re­minded of my grandma’s wis­dom and my dad’s pa­tience. “I love a noisy house,” she once told me. “It means ev­ery­one is here, and the house is full and ev­ery­one’s hav­ing fun.”This is why she’s my sage. And my dad? As we were run­ning back and forth and fight­ing over silly de­tails, he’d sit back, en­joy the ride and find true joy just watch­ing his fam­ily care so much to make the hol­i­days mag­i­cal. And he was right, no mat­ter who won the many hol­i­day de­bates, Christ­mas was al­ways mag­i­cal. And my grandma’s af­fec­tion­ate out­look re­minds me that I love this sea­son be­cause it’s beau­ti­ful, but also wild and loud and full.

Truth is, Christ­mas to me doesn’t feel like it’s ar­rived un­til my group chats fill up with friends try­ing to se­cure a lunch date for our gift ex­changes or my mom is call­ing me about some­thing to help plan, im­ple­ment or taste test.

I hope that this is­sue con­tains many things to fill your home with en­ergy and ex­cite­ment. I hope that you cher­ish the crazy part of the sea­son as much as the quiet part, and that we help you cre­ate spe­cial ar­eas and lovely set­tings where you can stop once in a while, take it all in and smile.

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