Know Your El­e­ments

Cottages & Bungalows - - Extra -

• Gable roof: Tri­an­gu­lar roof con­sist­ing of two dif­fer­ent roof sec­tions com­ing to­gether to form a ‘ridge’ that aids in weather re­sis­tance.

• Flat roof dorm­ers: These small, roofed win­dows are slightly in­clined to al­low wa­ter to run off and are used pri­mar­ily to cre­ate space in the loft of the home.

• Board-and-bat­ten sid­ing: Ver­ti­cal sid­ing com­posed of mea­sured wooden boards, off­set by wooden strips called bat­tens, nailed di­rectly over the seams of the boards.

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