How to Make a Pep­per­har­row Flo­ral Crown

Country Gardens - - Mary Ashcroft Seehagen -


Wire cut­ters Flo­ral knife or snips


Thin (22 gauge) flo­ral wire cut to 15 inches ½-inch-wide ad­he­sive flo­ral tape 1 yard dec­o­ra­tive satin rib­bon


Var­i­ous small flow­ers, buds, berries, herbs, and fo­liage stems Sea holly

(Eryn­gium planum) Fev­er­few

(Tanace­tum parthe­nium) Lisianthus

(Eus­toma gran­di­flo­rum) Sweet An­nie (Artemisia) Hyper­icum berry

(Hyper­icum an­drosae­mum and hy­brid cul­ti­vars) Dahlia

(Dahlia hy­brid cul­ti­vars)

3 STEP 3: Add mini posies at the op­po­site end so the flow­ers again hide the stems. Tuck stems for the fi­nal clus­ter of flow­ers be­hind the large fo­cal flower sec­tion, se­cur­ing with more tape. Rib­bon strands at­tached to both end loops can be tied to fit...

1 STEP 1: Make a 1-inch loop at both ends of the pre­cut wire, twist­ing the wire to se­cure the loops. Create mini posies of flow­ers, herbs, and other el­e­ments: gather stems (re­move all ex­cess fo­liage so stems are bare) and wrap the clus­ter with the...

2 STEP 2: At­tach mini posies to the wire base us­ing the tape. Be­gin at one end with the flow­ers fac­ing the first loop. Make sure each clus­ter hides or cov­ers the stems from the pre­vi­ous clus­ter. About half­way through, add a clus­ter of larger fo­cal...

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