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Choos­ing a rose with ge­netic re­sis­tance to fun­gal dis­eases will make your life easier. For­tu­nately, some of the best climb­ing roses of­fer fra­grance, dis­ease re­sis­tance, and masses of blooms. Here are some rec­om­mended by Port­land Nurs­ery (port­land­nurs­ery.com), one of Sue and Bob Low’s neigh­bor­hood fa­vorites, that not only do well in Port­land’s Zone 9 climate but also sur­vive cold win­ters down to Zone 5:

Cloud 10 (Rosa ‘Rad­clean’) This pure white climber blooms heav­ily in the spring and will re­bloom through­out the sea­son. It has ex­cep­tion­ally clean fo­liage, and its blooms pro­duce a high pe­tal count. This rose is win­ter-hardy to Zone 5 and is fa­vored in hu­mid and moist ar­eas trou­bled by black spot.

Polka (Rosa ‘Meitosier’) A vig­or­ous climber, this rose com­bines the char­ac­ter of an old gar­den rose with ex­cel­lent fea­tures: re­peat flow­er­ing, dis­ease tol­er­ance, and win­ter har­di­ness. The apri­cot pe­tals turn peach dur­ing warmer weather, while the fra­grance is rem­i­nis­cent of spices and pep­per.

Au­tumn Sun­set This climber pro­duces apri­cot-gold flower clus­ters that are fruity in fra­grance. The glossy, dark green fo­liage is es­pe­cially dis­ease-re­sis­tant. This rose is win­ter-hardy for Mid­west and East Coast gar­dens.

Eden Climber (Rosa × ‘Meiv­i­o­lin’) Ad­mired for its large, fra­grant, mul­ti­petal pink blooms, this rose is win­ter-hardy and dis­ease-re­sis­tant. It’s a good choice for cov­er­ing arches, walls, and fences.

Climb­ing Ice­berg Mildly honey-scented and known to bloom over a long sea­son, this is the climb­ing ver­sion of the highly pop­u­lar Ice­berg rose.

Co­lette (Rosa ‘Meiroupis’) Val­ued for its soft pink, scented blooms, Co­lette also has lush green, dis­ease-re­sis­tant fo­liage.

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