Country Living (USA) : 2019-12-01

FIELD NOTES : 57 : 55


C O M E I N Book Movie ASAP Stay In December 1 Let’s Race! DIY It Buy It No No thanks. Yes! Oui! Why not? No way! Y O U A R E Y O U A R Y O U A R E Y O U A R E Amy Meg Jo Beth 69 COUNTRYLIV­ING.COM / DECEMBER 2019 When do you start putting up Christmas decoration­s? It’s the true purpose of the day after Thanksgivi­ng. And not a minute sooner! It’s party season! Are you up for a fancy evening with friends? Can’t help but enjoy a glamorous night out. You love the finer things but put tradition (think a classic red-andgreen scheme) and family above all. They’re classics for a reason! Handmade touches are always the best part. Fireside chats are more my style. Would you rather read the book or watch the movie? It’s gifting season! Are you more likely to buy or DIY? It’s fun to give exactly what’s on their wish list. Would you try a brand-new recipe for Christmas dinner or stick with the tried-and-true? Change can be a good thing. Can’t beat the viewing-party popcorn. Home is where the heart is. Traditions should be treasured. On a chilly winter day, would you rather lace up your ice skates or curl up by the fire? The cold never bothered me anyway. What are your thoughts on spending Christmas in Paris? Bring on the yuletide baguettes. Fanciful and (a bit) frivolous, you love the glitz and glamour of the holidays. You likely have a soft spot for sparkle and shiny objects. Minimalist and nononsense, you gravitate toward a natureinsp­ired palette and more literary pursuits. Nothing like a crackling fire and a good book. Sweet and sentimenta­l, you relish holiday nostalgia and cherish all things handmade and handcrafte­d.