Country Living (USA) : 2019-12-01

FIELD NOTES : 61 : 59


B R A C E E M House! from Orchard Season’s greetings for a brief from New York Upon my return news to share some I am delighted holiday visit, sister, Meg, family: My older on behalf of my twins Mr. Brooke, welcomed and her husband, Amy has my younger sister this year, while Most recently, painting in Paris. been studying to our engagement her Amy has announced they plan to Lawrence, and dear friend, Mr. first year. While the wed in the coming will our beloved Beth Christmas without memories we cherish fond surely be difficult, fireside carol spirit with each of her gentle family all the you and your we sing. Wishing Year. best in the New M A D E B Y 73 COUNTRYLIV­ING.COM / DECEMBER 2019 Keep it concise. Just as Professor Bhaer takes a critical eye to Jo’s drafts, edit out any long-winded explanatio­ns. Updates should be brief and direct. It’s okay to address bad news, but be sure to end on a thankful note, just as Alcott does in the novel. Clarity helps. Never assume people remember your whole family tree. Spoiler alert!