Country Living (USA) : 2019-12-01

FIELD NOTES : 62 : 60


Meg Jo Beth Amy ...and other happy homebodies who enjoy more domestic pursuits ...and other headstrong spirits with a soft spot for the written word 74 COUNTRYLIV­ING.COM / DECEMBER 2019 T S F F T S F O G I T S F O R F ...and other sweet souls with crafty, do-ityourself procliviti­es T S F O R G I F ...and other starryeyed artists who crave a little glamour Tree Bundt Pan Iron Candlehold­er Plaid Napkins Boxwood Wreath Leather Gloves Rosemary Topiary Vintage Postage Calligraph­y Set Christmas Classics Set Taper Candlehold­er Musical Art Print Embroidere­d Necklace Velvet Slippers 3D Piano Puzzle Nutcracker Advent Jewelry Roll Ice Skates Bag Tile Hand Mirror Watercolor Set Satin Scrunchie $40; $88; shopterrai­ $7 each; crateandba­ from $79; $138; $68; shopterrai­ $6; frankieand­ $200; markandgra­ $150; juniperboo­ $25; stuckinthe­mud from $24; riflepaper­ from $40; thursdaycr­aft $52; $10; handscraft­ $15; $68; $18; $36; anthropolo­ $150; $12;