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For fresh ar­range­ments, wet flo­ral foam prod­ucts have been the top choice for pro­vid­ing sup­port and hy­dra­tion for many years. How­ever, in most sit­u­a­tions, these ma­te­ri­als are not re­us­able or biodegrad­able. The next time you’re cre­at­ing a fresh ar­range­ment, con­sider whether one of these al­ter­na­tives will work for you.

FLOWER FROG: Made from me­tal, glass, pot­tery or plas­tic, these re­us­able pieces sit at the bot­tom of a con­tainer and hold stems be­tween spikes or in holes.

CHICKEN-WIRE GRID: For an easy and in­ex­pen­sive al­ter­na­tive, cre­ate your own flower frog–style grid with chicken wire. Sim­ply cut a piece of chicken wire and shape it to fit snugly in­side your con­tainer as a cus­tom grid for your stems.

TAPE GRID: An­other quick DIY op­tion is to ap­ply wa­ter­proof tape in a grid over the open­ing of your con­tainer. This can be used for all con­tainer shapes and even for clear vases.

GLASS MAR­BLES: Af­ford­able and dec­o­ra­tive, glass mar­bles will se­curely hold a va­ri­ety of ar­range­ments. Mound the mar­bles in­side your vase or con­tainer, add wa­ter, and then insert your stems.

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