Country Sampler Autumn Decorating SIP 2018 - - Inside -

Avoid wa­ter stains on your table­tops by pro­vid­ing guests with these clever domino coast­ers. Ar­range two stan­dard-size dominoes hor­i­zon­tally, rest­ing them snugly along the side of a pair of ver­ti­cally ar­ranged dominoes. Re­peat the pat­tern us­ing a to­tal of eight dominoes to cre­ate a 4" square. Flip the dominoes face down, main­tain­ing their po­si­tion. Cut a piece of cork tile into a 3½" square. Cen­ter and hot glue the tile to the back of the dominoes. A stan­dard set of 28 dominoes will yield three coast­ers.

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