Country Sampler Autumn Decorating SIP 2018 - - Inside - DE­SIGNED AND PHO­TOGRAPHED BY SHARON CUR­RIER.

Wrap a foam wreath in tie-dye fab­ric and liven it up with wig­gle eyes as shown here by Sharon Cur­rier for The Dow Chem­i­cal Com­pany’s Crafts ’n Cof­fee blog.

STEP 1 Press an orange tie-dyed craft ban­danna (or a ¼ yard of sim­i­lar fab­ric) to re­move any wrin­kles. With scis­sors or a ro­tary cut­ter, trim the hemmed edge off all four sides. Cut the ban­danna into 1¼"-wide strips. You will need ap­prox­i­mately 12 strips.

STEP 2 Pin the end of one fab­ric strip onto the back of a 12" x 2" foam wreath. Wrap the strip around the wreath and pin the other end to the back of the wreath. Re­peat, pin­ning and wrap­ping strips un­til the wreath is cov­ered.

STEP 3 Cut the stems off three silk ger­bera daisies, two black and one orange/ yel­low. Use a low-tem­per­a­ture glue gun to ad­here the daisy heads along the lower right side of the wreath as shown.

STEP 4 Re­move the legs from a stuffed raven and glue it to the top left of the wreath as shown.

STEP 5 Glue two 1" wig­gle eyes onto the front of the wreath, left of the raven.

STEP 6 Glue a single 1" wig­gle eye in the cen­ter of each black daisy, and glue two ½" wig­gle eyes in the cen­ter of the orange/yel­low daisy.

STEP 7 Stretch spi­der web­bing across the back of the wreath so it’s vis­i­ble in the cen­ter open­ing. Pin and glue in place.

STEP 8 Tie an­other ban­danna strip around the top of the wreath for a hanger.

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