Country Sampler Autumn Decorating SIP 2018 - - Inside -

A hang­ing sign made out of ma­son jar bands and book pages re­peats the party’s theme in a unique way since the let­ters look like over­size typewriter keys! Here, the ban­ner adorns the front of a candy buf­fet, but it would look equally fun on a man­tel, bookshelf, china cab­i­net or even a porch rail­ing!

STEP 1 Col­lect the ap­pro­pri­ate num­ber of ma­son jar bands to spell our your word or phrase. For “Happy Hal­loween,” you’ll need 14 bands. You’ll also need twine or jute, a drill, tape, and printed let­ters. You can down­load the Hal­loween ban­ner PDF here: https://cel­e­bratingev­ery­daylife. com/wp-con­tent/up­loads/2018/03/ Ma­son­jarhal­loween­ban­ner­pdf.pdf.

STEP 2 Drill a small hole on each side of the bands. If you imag­ine the band as a clock face, you’ll drill your holes at the 10 and 2 po­si­tions. The holes should be large enough to ac­com­mo­date your string or twine.

STEP 3 On plain 8½" x 11" pa­per, print out your let­ters. Cut out cir­cles around the let­ters and place them in­side the drilled bands. Se­cure each with a small piece of tape in­side.

STEP 4 Ar­range your bands in the right or­der, and then string twine through the holes. A ta­pes­try nee­dle has a wide enough eye to ac­com­mo­date the twine and makes it eas­ier to thread through the holes.

NOTE: If you’re mak­ing the BOO! ban­ner, drill holes in the top and bot­tom of the bands and string your let­ters ver­ti­cally.

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