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Pump­kins don’t just grow in patches—this bumper crop is made from ma­son jar bands! A lit­er­ary twist ties them into the party theme. Here’s how to make your own:

STEP 1 Col­lect ap­prox­i­mately 20 ma­son jar bands for each pump­kin. (This could be more or less de­pend­ing on the size of pump­kin you want to make.) Also gather spray paint, book pages, scis­sors, dou­ble-sided tape, twine, Span­ish moss, and sticks or small tree branches.

STEP 2 Spray paint the bands to your de­sired color and let dry.

STEP 3 While the paint on the bands is dry­ing, cut book pages into strips the width of the bands. Us­ing dou­ble-sided tape, ad­here the book-page strips around the bands.

STEP 4 Thread a length of twine through the cen­ter of each band; al­low your­self a long tail of twine. Once all the bands are on the twine, tie the twine ends to­gether tightly, form­ing a cir­cle. Tuck the knot in­side the bands to hide it.

STEP 5 Place a hand­ful of Span­ish moss in the cen­ter of the pump­kin and insert a stick for a stem.

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