Soft FALL Touches

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Cozy up your home with snug­gly blan­kets, comfy cush­ions and other warm­ing tex­tiles

in au­tumn’s clas­sic pat­terns and hues.


Colleen Pas­toor of Lemon This­tle cre­ated this sim­ple but heart­warm­ing mono­grammed run­ner from none other than a painter’s drop cloth! Use fab­ric scis­sors to cut a drop cloth to fit your ta­ble; leave enough over­hang to ac­com­mo­date an ini­tial on both ends. Pull any loose threads to leave a clean fray. Iron the run­ner to re­move any creases and cre­ate a smooth fin­ish. Paint a scripted ini­tial in the cen­ter of each end, a cou­ple of inches up from the edge, and let dry.


Dress your man­tel and fire­place for the sea­son with ideas from Christina Jenk­ins at The Fru­gal Home­maker. For her neu­tral fall dis­play, she placed a fluffy cot­ton wreath over a paned win­dow and set a pil­low and blan­kets on the hearth be­low. Lo­cated safely in­side the fire­box, a tiered candle ar­range­ment lends a golden glow to the whole scene.


Design a place set­ting that’s ready for com­fort food by adding an in­set made with tea tow­els and but­tons to a solid­col­ored place mat. Mea­sure and cut a sec­tion of a fall-print tea towel to fit on top of your place mat, leav­ing an equal bor­der on all sides. Al­low ex­tra fab­ric on each edge of the tea towel to turn un­der and cre­ate a seam. Sew the edges of the towel un­der to se­cure. Press both pieces with an iron. Se­cure the in­set to the top of the place mat by sewing large wooden but­tons on each of the four cor­ners. To re­move the in­set, sim­ply de­tach the but­tons and store for later use.


Add some nos­tal­gia to your bev­er­age break with coast­ers fea­tur­ing a long­time fall fa­vorite—plaid flan­nel.

For each coaster, lightly sand the top and edges of an un­fin­ished wooden plaque to re­move any rough ar­eas. Us­ing a soft rag, rub the plaque with a 50/50 wash of white chalky-fin­ish paint and water. When dry, use a damp soft cloth to ap­ply a light coat of brown fin­ish­ing wax. Mea­sure and cut fab­ric to fit the top cen­ter por­tion of the plaque. Brush water­proof de­coupage medium onto the wood, and then care­fully set the fab­ric in place. Cover the fab­ric with waxed paper and smooth out any wrin­kles or air pockets. Ap­ply water­proof de­coupage medium over the fab­ric and re­main­ing wood surface of the coaster. When dry, spray or brush the coaster with a water­proof sealer, if de­sired, for ad­di­tional water re­sis­tance.


Warm up a neu­tral chair with this blan­ket-wrapped bol­ster pil­low. Cre­ate an in­ner bol­ster from a 28" square of plaid blan­ket fab­ric. Fold in half, stitch the long edge together, and then turn to the right side. Fill with a roll of thick bat­ting. Gather the ends closed and fin­ish with large cover but­tons. Mea­sure and cut enough fringed blan­ket fab­ric to wrap around the bol­ster twice. The dou­bled fringe will drape over one end, and at the op­po­site edge, al­low 6" ex­tra to recre­ate the twisted fringe. Also al­low a cou­ple inches ex­tra to fold the front edge un­der. Se­cure the fab­ric with 24" leather belts wrapped around the roll sev­eral inches in from each end.


Ar­range silk leaves and faux acorns against au­tumn-hued plaid fab­ric to cre­ate a sim­ple shadow-box group­ing. Re­move the back­ing from three shadow boxes. Cut fab­ric to cover each board, al­low­ing ex­tra on all sides for wrap­ping around the back. Ap­ply dou­ble-sided tape on the outer edges of each board. Ar­range the fab­ric over the front of each board and then fold the edges over to the back across the dou­ble-sided tape to se­cure. Cut and glue a length of dowel rod to the cen­ter of each leaf you’d like to dis­play. Glue the back of the dowel to the cen­ter of the fab­ric on each board. Place each shadow-box frame face­down. Add acorns to the bot­tom ledge. Se­cure with hot glue, if de­sired. Re­place the back­ing and se­cure with the orig­i­nal hard­ware. Rest the trio on a shelf or hang in a group­ing on the wall.


As sum­mer turns to fall, Jen­nifer Shugart at Derby Lane Dreams likes to in­tro­duce rich, au­tum­nal col­ors all around her home. In her en­try­way, she brings the sooth­ing col­ors and tex­tures to a year-round wood bench with a soft plaid throw and a fes­tive pil­low and silk leaves ar­rayed around white pump­kins.


Bring the warm feel­ing and clas­sic look of a plaid blan­ket to your din­ing chair seats. The blan­kets or other tex­tiles you choose should have a firm, tight weave to pre­vent the fab­ric from stretch­ing out of shape when cov­er­ing or sit­ting on the seat. Re­move the seat and ar­range the fab­ric over it. Cut the fab­ric to fit the seat with sev­eral inches ex­tra to wrap to the un­der­side. Sta­ple in place, trim the ex­cess fab­ric from the un­der­side, and re­place on the chair.


Mimic the col­or­ful leaves fall­ing from the trees with felt and up­hol­stery-fab­ric leaves cas­cad­ing over a plain lamp­shade. Cut leaf shapes from felt, and then cut smaller leaves from up­hol­stery fab­ric to layer over the felt. Sew the pieces together, mix­ing straight and zigzag stitches. Hold the leaves in place for the sea­son by wrap­ping the shade with an au­tumn-hued felt-ball gar­land.


An over­size tas­sel made from an old fringed blan­ket can add a whim­si­cal fall touch to a door han­dle or ac­cent a cur­tain tieback.

STEP 1 For the tas­sel’s top, cut a hol­low wooden egg in half. Drill a 1/4" hole in the top and then paint the piece gray. Let dry. An­tique with dark wax.

STEP 2 Paint one large wooden bead gold and paint one smaller bead and sev­eral mini beads a pump­kin hue. Let dry. An­tique with dark wax.

STEP 3 Cut a 2"-wide strip of blan­ket fab­ric with fringe at­tached. Roll up the strip and stitch to se­cure.

STEP 4 Thread a length of dou­bled cot­ton cord on a long up­hol­stery nee­dle. Send the nee­dle up through the roll’s cen­ter, leav­ing sev­eral inches of cord to fin­ish with a knot. Slide on the half-egg top, the large bead and the smaller bead. Make a loop, and se­cure with an over­hand knot at the bead’s top. Go back through the beads and snug together. Tie an over­hand knot be­tween the large bead and the top. Pass the nee­dle through the top and the fringe cen­ter. Tighten the assem­bly against the large bead, and dou­ble knot all the cords together. Trim the cords to hide in the fringe.

STEP 5 Stitch the mini beads at the fringe line.

STEP 6 Cut two strips of fab­ric and twist them together like a rope. At­tach as a hanger for the tas­sel.


GREEN IDEA Use left­over fab­ric from the tea towel to cre­ate a nap­kin or nap­kin ring.


Cen­ter a por­tion of your fab­ric’s pat­tern on each board be­fore you reach for the scis­sors.

PAT­TERN BOOST Ar­range the plaid on the di­ag­o­nal rather than par­al­lel to the seat’s edge.

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