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Wontons are al­ways a crowd-pleaser. For your au­tumn get-together, try whip­ping up this fin­ger food by Amy Buchanan of Atta Girl Says. They take hardly any time to make and are filled with sweet fall fla­vor.


50 won­ton wrap­pers

4 ounces cream cheese, soft­ened 4 ta­ble­spoons pre­pared ap­ple but­ter

(or more to taste)

3 cups vegetable oil for fry­ing Cin­na­mon sugar


1. Whip together the cream cheese and ap­ple but­ter un­til well blended. 2. Open the pack­age of won­ton wrap­pers and place the stack be­tween dam­p­ened paper tow­els to keep them moist while you’re work­ing with them.

3. Add a tea­spoon of the cream cheese and ap­ple but­ter mix­ture to the cen­ter of each square won­ton wrap­per.

4. Dip a pas­try brush or your fin­gers in water and run around the perime­ter of each won­ton wrap­per to moisten the edges be­fore fold­ing.

5. Fold each won­ton in half to cre­ate a tri­an­gle. Press the edges to seal. Bring the side points of the tri­an­gle down (away from the cen­ter point) and press together to form the dumpling shape. Make sure that all the edges are sealed. 6. Trans­fer the filled wontons to a bak­ing sheet that has been lined with parch­ment or waxed paper for fry­ing.

7. Heat vegetable oil in a large skil­let or cast-iron pan over medium-high heat. When oil is hot, al­most bub­bling, add wontons in small batches, be­ing care­ful not to crowd the pan.

8. Fry in batches in bub­bling oil un­til golden brown, and then re­move and drain on a plate lined with paper tow­els. Sprin­kle im­me­di­ately with cin­na­mon sugar. Serve warm.

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