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Cather­ine and John Pierce have been avid an­tique col­lec­tors, but Cather­ine loves the clean aes­thetic of the mod­ern farm­house look. She jok­ingly says it’s hard for her to strike a balance be­tween “over the top” and “just enough,” but with years of prac­tice and ad­vice from a help­ful fam­ily friend, she’s found that sweet spot. Here are her tips for cre­at­ing that look:

RO­TATE. It can be hard to part with trea­sures you’ve ac­cu­mu­lated through the years. Cather­ine sug­gests ro­tat­ing pieces, usu­ally sea­son­ally, to cre­ate fresh ar­range­ments and al­low your­self to fall in love with your trea­sures all over again.

REPUR­POSE. Rather than dis­play items as they were in­tended, Cather­ine tries to use vin­tage pieces in new ways or in dif­fer­ent rooms. She says this keeps the dis­plays and col­lec­tions from look­ing “stuffy.”

RE­DUCE. Cather­ine fol­lows the ad­vice of her mother’s friend He­len, who was a life­long col­lec­tor and dec­o­ra­tor: “Keep it sim­ple and edit!” Cather­ine pe­ri­od­i­cally trims back her dis­plays for the most in­ter­est­ing ar­range­ments.

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