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Fall­ing in love with Ju­lia Wood’s light and bright hol­i­day look? Craft a snowy pom-pom gar­land or book-page or­na­ments to bring her style into your own space.

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Make or­na­ments in any shape you like, but min­i­mal lines with sim­ple curves and an­gles work best.


If you’ve never made pom-poms as a child or even as an adult, search on­line for easy video tu­to­ri­als that show tech­niques and tips.

Book-page Or­na­ments

Re­pur­pose old books into Christ­mas or­na­ments that fea­ture a time­worn el­e­gance. Re­move the cover from a book, keep­ing the spine in­tact. Be­gin­ning at the left side of the book at the spine, draw half the shape (ver­ti­cally) of a star or curved or­na­ment shape onto the top page. Ap­ply painter’s tape across the out­side edges of the pages to keep them in­tact while cut­ting. Us­ing a band saw with the ap­pro­pri­ate blade, cut around the pat­tern. Fold a thin rib­bon in half and tie with a knot. Feed the rib­bon ends through a large gold bead and se­cure with a knot. With the bead at the top of the or­na­ment, hot glue the rib­bon along the spine of the or­na­ment, end­ing with a knot at the bot­tom. Thread a small gold bead onto the rib­bon and se­cure with a knot. Trim ex­cess. Glue the spine to­gether ver­ti­cally with hot glue. Use a glue stick to ad­here the op­po­site out­side pages of the or­na­ment to­gether.

Pom-pom & Snowflake Gar­land

A win­try mix of yarn snow­balls and wooden snowflakes be­comes a cre­ative gar­land for your man­tel or tree. De­ter­mine the length of your gar­land and then cal­cu­late how many snow­balls and snowflakes you’ll need. Use your fa­vorite method to cre­ate pom-poms from white yarn. Drill a small hole at the top of each wooden snowflake, if nec­es­sary. Paint the snowflakes white and then dry brush with metal­lic sil­ver paint. Add a dec­o­ra­tive or­na­ment hook to each. Thread a large nee­dle with yarn. Care­fully push the nee­dle through the cen­ter of each snow­ball, leav­ing space be­tween to hang the wooden snowflakes. Once com­pleted, cre­ate a loop on each end and knot.

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