Country Sampler Special Edition


Anticipati­ng the arrival of Christmas is one of the most exciting parts of the holiday season. Keep track of the days with a custom Advent calendar that’s a perfect fit for your family’s personalit­y.


Fluted Flair

Want an Advent calendar that blends with your vintage farmhouse look? Make this Christmas tree shape using various sizes and shapes of metal tart pans and molds arranged on a shiplap-style base.

STEP 1 For the base, attach five horizontal boards together on the back with a vertical support board nailed or screwed to each side. Paint with medium to dark gray chalkyfini­sh paint and then dry brush with white, as desired. Install appropriat­e hanging hardware on the back.

STEP 2 Gather 25 metal pans and molds. Glue a round disc magnet to the underside of any that are not magnetic.

STEP 3 Cut or punch a gold cardstock shape that's slightly larger than the center of each pan. Firmly press the inserts into the pans. Remove the inserts and use number stamps, stencils or decals to add numbers 1 through 25. Replace the inserts in the pans, securing with adhesive.

STEP 4 Arrange the pans on the shiplap base to create a Christmas tree shape. Allow enough space between them to accommodat­e a magnetic star that will highlight each day. Attach the pans to the base with hot glue.

STEP 5 Hot glue a disc magnet to the underside of the star. Measure the deepest pan, and stick additional disc magnets to the star's first magnet until it sits higher than the edge of the pan. Add or remove magnets as needed to accommodat­e the depth of the other pans.

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