Country Sampler Special Edition


It's popular today to use menu boards to highlight dishes for special occasions. You could simply write the meal on a chalkboard, but why not try a creative option like this repurposed ceramic tray?


STEP 1 Cover the surface of a ceramic tray with medium to dark metallic paint/primer spray paint. Once dry, spray the entire surface again with white paint/primer and let thoroughly dry.

STEP 2 Lightly sand the edges and raised areas of the tray with fine-grit sandpaper, exposing the dark paint underneath. Coat the tray with a matte-finish spray sealant.

STEP 3 Thread an antique brass brad through the bottom holes of two metal bulldog clips. Trim the ends of the brads in back and glue one brad/bulldog clip near the top of the flat center area of the tray and one near the bottom of the flat center area, using an appropriat­e adhesive for the surfaces. Make sure you correctly position the clips so they will be able to firmly hold the menu paper.

STEP 4 Type your menu on your computer and print it out on medium-weight kraft paper or colored card stock. Use a variety of fonts and type sizes to achieve the look of this menu board. Trim the paper as desired and insert into the clips on the tray.

STEP 5 Display your menu tray on the wall using a plate holder, or set it on a buffet on a plate stand.

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