Country Sampler Special Edition


Get in the holiday spirit by meeting with friends to trade favorite recipes and exchange festive treats. We have some recipes to try plus tips for hosting the event and creatively packaging the goodies.


’Tis the season for baking, and though you may have a list of cookies you whip up every year, it’s always fun to expand your repertoire. One of the treasured events for many during the holiday season is the classic cookie exchange. It’s a chance to prepare your favorite goodies, try out a new recipe or two, and sample the delights of other bakers. Cookie exchanges can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. And don’t limit them to just cookies; mix in some brownies, mini cheesecake­s, tartlets or truffles to make it a truly gastronomi­c affair. The joy of the cookie exchange is not just the yummy homemade treats, though. This type of feel-good event is a great way to boost the merriment of the season, enjoy some time with your friends and nosh on a variety of holiday delights while skipping the stress of days spent in the kitchen. With our hosting tips, packaging advice and cookie recipes, this year’s exchange may be the swap of the town.

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