Country Sampler Special Edition



Many of the most eco-friendly wraps and bags can be found in your own home. Whether you're pursuing a more sustainabl­e life or just need to package a present in a flash, these basic items can do the trick. And they all can be dressed up with ribbons, tags, greenery and other embellishm­ents. Household Linens: towels, napkins, bedsheets, pillowcase­s, throws

Clothing: scarves, hats, mittens, button-up shirts, aprons Fabric Bags: tote bags, drawstring sacks, lunch bags, wine bags Crafting Fabrics: cotton quilting fabric, felt squares, flannel, fleece, burlap, lace Papers: newspapers, magazine pages, outdated maps, book pages, sheet music, artwork

Paper Bags: handled shopping bags, lunch sacks, used gift bags

Food Containers: glass canning jars, plastic food jars, cookie tins, bottles, cereal boxes, lunch boxes

Other Containers: suitcases, hatboxes, buckets, shoeboxes, baskets

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