Country Sampler Special Edition

Dress Up Your Sofa


Spell out a holiday sentiment on your sofa with a trio of plaid letter pillows.

STEP 1 Cut plaid fabric to cover the fronts of three canvas pillow covers, allowing 2" extra on each side. Pull threads from each edge to create fringe. Iron paper-backed fusible web to the back of each plaid piece.

STEP 2 Print and cut out paper letters and pin them to the plaid squares. Cut around the letters to create cutouts in the plaid. Remove the paper. Use pinking shears to trim the letter edges.

STEP 3 Remove the paper backing from the fusible web on the plaid squares, center the squares over the pillow covers and iron to fuse them together. For the O, add the center circle.

STEP 4 Turn each pillow cover inside out and machine-stitch around the letters and the outer edges of the plaid. Turn back to the right side and insert a pillow form.

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