Country Sampler Special Edition

Door Belles


Let the Christmas spirit ring every time you open the door to a cupboard, pantry or interior room. This rustic bell door hanger, designed by Lisa TutmanOgle­sby of Celebrate Creativity, takes only minutes to create. Pick up jumbo jingle bell ornaments at the crafts store and connect them together using their existing hanging loops or lengths of flexible jewelry wire. If you're reusing the original wires, remove them from the bells and straighten them. Loop one wire back through one bell and add another bell, and then attach the next piece of wire to the arrangemen­t with a twist. Continue to add more bells and wires. When you've reached the desired number of bells, connect a final piece of wire and twist it into a loop, wrapping excess around itself to secure. Make a simple bow from a strip of ticking fabric to attach atop the bells. Insert jute twine through the bow's knot and the top bell's hanger, and then tie a loop that will fit over a doorknob.

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