Country Sampler Special Edition

Sparkle and Shine


Place this rustic-chic candle vignette on any surface to provide an instant winter pickme-up.

STEP 1 Start with a wood column base large enough to be a platform for a large (approximat­ely 6" diameter) three-wick candle. If you are working with a newer piece, age it with a wash of gray or brown paint.

STEP 2 To highlight the texture and shape of the base, dry brush it with white chalky-finish paint.

STEP 3 Pierce a small hole in the center of 10 to 12 rusty tin snowflakes (these are 4" diameter) using a craft piercing tool and a hammer or a drill.

STEP 4 With a damp sponge, dab the snowflakes with white paint, leaving random areas of the rusty finish exposed.

STEP 5 Wrap the perimeter of the candle with waxed paper and secure with tape to protect the surface from scratches while determinin­g the placement of the snowflakes.

STEP 6 Hold snowflakes equally spaced around the candle and mark placement with a pin dot. Carefully bend some of the snowflakes in half and tuck the bent sides under the bottom of the candle, with points reaching upward. Position some snowflakes with points extending past the top of the candle.

STEP 7 After determinin­g the position of all snowflakes, remove the waxed paper and attach each snowflake with a small nail or tack through the pre-drilled hole.

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