Country Sampler Special Edition

Musical Interlude


Pay homage to a favorite Christmas carol with a candle like this one from Lisa Tutman-Oglesby of Celebrate Creativity. Cut a piece of unwrinkled white tissue paper slightly smaller than a sheet of letter-size card stock. Temporaril­y adhere the tissue paper to the card stock with double-sided tape. Place the tissue paper/card stock into your printer tray and copy or print a page of sheet music onto the tissue paper. Gently remove the tissue paper from the tape and card stock. Cut one or more strips of the sheet music image to fit around your candle. Use a tiny piece of double-sided tape to adhere the tissue to the candle. Hold a hot-air gun in front of the tissuecove­red candle and move across the image to slightly melt the wax. Do not hold the hot-air gun too close or you may scorch the paper. As the wax melts, the tissue will become coated in the wax and will become embedded into the candle as the wax dries. When the wax is dry, embellish the candle with ribbon and greens. Note: Once the paper is embedded, the candle is for decorative purposes only and must not be lit.

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