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Funny Things Kids Have Asked for at Christmas

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Sarah at A Thrifty Mom asked on her Facebook page for people to share some of the funny things kids have requested for Christmas gifts. We wonder if she could have even anticipate­d some of these answers!

✔ “My 3-year-old really, really wants another invisible puppy for Christmas. I don't know if it's in the budget.”

✔ “My 5-year-old asked for kitten chow. We don't have a cat.”

✔ “A friend's son asked for ‘any kind of sea monster.' ”

✔ “My oldest at 5 asked for duck tape. He wanted to build a boat with it!”

✔ “My 10-year-old asked for a butler.”

✔ “Last year both girls (ages 3 and 4 then) wanted pet unicorns.”

✔ “This year, my son asked for a bag of concrete and chicken wire! I have no clue what he is planning.”

✔ “My 5-year-old has asked for a wishing well so ‘it can be Christmas everyday.' ”

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