Country Sampler Special Edition

Kitchen Remodels and Memories

- Susan Wagner

This special issue is all about kitchen makeovers— repainted cabinets, torn-down walls, refinished tables, DIY displays, revamped recipes and more. And with every makeover come the memories. It may not seem like the two go together, but they always do. Think about the process of redoing a room. Usually, you take one last look at the space before you bring out the tools and paintbrush­es. You remember when you chose the original paint color or how you felt when you first walked into the space. Maybe as you start painting, you come across scribbles on the wall from when your child first learned how to use crayons, or perhaps you see that chewed-up baseboard from when your dog was a puppy. If you’re taking down walls, you might find even more treasure—old newspapers used for insulation, authentic brick walls or even an original fireplace. When I was growing up, my parents often made over our home. I remember my dad swapping the sliding glass doors with the windows to create a better flow through the kitchen. Another time, we redid the kitchen cabinets and built an island with a stovetop rather than having our square butcher-block table in the center of the room. My parents painted the cabinets blue before painting cabinets was in vogue. When I moved into my first home, I painted the kitchen walls, replaced the cabinet hardware and put up a new backsplash. I’ve always had good memories of time spent in the kitchen—big holiday dinners, fun family game nights, baking cookies with the kids. Those memories are not only of the kitchens themselves but also of my loved ones who were there and the delicious food that we prepared. And no matter how often I revamp my kitchen, my family memories and favorite meals will always remain.

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