Country Sampler Special Edition



If you enjoy a creative project, try this backsplash idea from Mysha Bolen at Remington Avenue. She installed individual brick veneers and then lightened up the finish with various paint techniques.

STEP 1 Remove any existing backsplash and your electrical plates. Decide if you'll need outlet extenders and install them if necessary.

STEP 2 Using a quick-holding adhesive, such as Loctite Power Grab, glue the veneers to your wall. Start flush with the counter and space the veneers about 1/2" apart on the sides and top. Stagger the bricks as shown. Trim as needed with a tile cutter. Continue until all your bricks are adhered.

STEP 3 Fill a grout bag with white premixed grout and fill in the spaces between the bricks. As you work, use your finger to smooth out the grout for a realistic look.

STEP 4 If you like the color of your bricks, you can stop here. To lighten up darker bricks, dip a putty knife in white chalky-finish paint and roughly trowel over random bricks. Then, mix 1/2 cup of paint with 1 cup of water and whitewash the backsplash with a paintbrush. Last, choose random bricks to coat with the chalky-finish paint.

STEP 5 To protect the painted bricks from food and grease, brush a low-luster cement sealer over the whole backsplash.


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