Country Sampler Special Edition

What’s HOT in Backsplash Tile?


Interior designers are experts at knowing what’s hot—and what’s not—in kitchen design and materials. asked five designers to weigh in on the trends, and here’s some of what they had to say:

Invest in Handmade and Organic Materials. The variation from tile to tile creates a depth that you can’t get with machine-made products.

Change Up Timeless Subway Tile. Try sizing up or down from the standard or choosing a cream or off-white hue to give this safe option a little more excitement.

Embrace the Beauty of Marble. Although pricey, this upscale look will stand the test of time and will coordinate with a variety of different styles.

Opt for a Tall Backsplash. Install enough tile to reach the bottom of your kitchen’s upper cabinets or, even better, the ceiling.

Consider Unique Shapes and Textures. Rather than using typical boxy tiles, introduce more character with an option such as hexagons featuring a layered glaze.

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