Country Sampler Special Edition



In the market for a new island? Debra Wittrup of Caruth Studio says you can make your own with a few basic tools and supplies.

STEP 1 Start by choosing a wood tabletop and two smaller boards for the shelves. Debra used a 48" x 27½" x 11/8" tabletop from Ikea for her island top, and she cut a 72" x 24" x ¾" board in half for the shelves. Purchase the following galvanized-metal pipes and fittings for assembly: eight 12" x 1" pipes, four 8" x 1" pipes and 24 1" floor flanges.

STEP 2 Place a floor flange on a piece of paper about an inch from the top and side. Mark the screw holes on the paper. Rotate the flange slightly and mark the holes again. Remove the flange and mark Xs over four equidistan­t holes on the paper. Tape the template onto one corner of a smaller board. Drill pilot holes in the Xs. Repeat at the other three corners.

STEP 3 Turn the board over and repeat, but drill through the marks without Xs this time. Predrill the second smaller board the same way.

STEP 4 Stain both smaller boards and let dry.

STEP 5 Center a smaller board on the backside of the tabletop and mark the edges. Using these marks, position the template and drill pilot holes in four corners.

STEP 6 Lay the tabletop upside down and attach a floor flange at each predrilled corner with wood screws. Insert a 12" pipe into each flange.

STEP 7 Add a floor flange on the end of each pipe. Position the next board facedown onto the flanges and attach with screws.

STEP 8 Add the third board in the same manner. Secure flanges to the bottom of the board and insert 8" pipes. Attach flanges to the pipe ends.

STEP 9 With assistance, turn the island over and set it in place in your kitchen.


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