Country Sampler Special Edition



This movable island is actually an icebox replica found at a thrift shop! Transform your own icebox or a similar cabinet by following these instructio­ns.

STEP 1 Remove all the hardware from the cabinet. Swap select hardware, such as a rustic metal bar for a plain wooden towel bar and a new cup-style pull for an old drawer handle. Spray all the pieces with a dark metallic gray paint/primer.

STEP 2 If your cabinet has only a thin board covering the back, replace it with a heavier board cut and sanded to mimic the front face of the cabinet so the island will be visually appealing from all sides.

STEP 3 Prepare for installati­on of a butcher-block top by drilling large ventilatio­n holes in your cabinet top. Butcher block reacts to changes in temperatur­e and humidity, so proper air circulatio­n is necessary.

STEP 4 Install appropriat­e-size casters under your cabinet if desired.

STEP 5 Fill any holes that won’t be used by the hardware with wood putty. Lightly sand all the wood surfaces, including the inside of the cabinet, and then apply one or more coats of white paint/ primer in a satin finish.

STEP 6 Once the paint is dry, install the hardware, drilling new holes where necessary.

STEP 7 Attach two vintage-style wire wall baskets to the left side of the cabinet for extra storage.

STEP 8 Cut an unfinished butcher-block top to fit your cabinet, allowing extra on all four sides as an overhang. Apply a food-safe butcher-block stain and oil finish to protect the surface and give it a warm tone.

STEP 9 Drill pilot holes in the four corners of the cabinet top and the underside of the butcher block. From inside the cabinet, drive in screws through the top of the cabinet and into the underside of the butcher block to secure the pieces together.

STEP 10 Place vintage-style wire baskets inside the cabinet to hold extra linens. Stack tableware neatly on another shelf. Add cookbooks and place mats to the exterior wall baskets, and hang a towel on the metal bar.

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