Country Sampler Special Edition



Bring some farmhouse flair to a standard pendant light to enhance your home’s dining area.

STEP 1 Choose a pendant lamp and shade and then find a wire basket that mimics the shape of the shade while allowing some space around the sides. Place the basket over the shade.

STEP 2 Remove the top platform of a wooden pedestal or candlehold­er using a saw and then discard. Drill a hole vertically through the center of the remaining pedestal base.

STEP 3 Remove the plug from your lamp and thread the cord through the pedestal.

STEP 4 Turn the fixture upside down. Secure the basket to the base of the pedestal using cable staples or cable fasteners.

STEP 5 Turn the lamp right side up. Thread a rubber grommet over the cord. Insert the bottom portion of the grommet into the top hole of the pedestal.

STEP 6 Attach a new plug to the cord, following the manufactur­er’s instructio­ns, and then hang your new fixture.

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