Country Sampler

Shelf LIFE


A built-in shelving unit in Kimberly’s she shed is an ideal spot to showcase her basket collection to its finest. The airy arrangemen­t allows the intricate details and weaves of each design to stand out from the others and invites deeper appreciati­on. Here’s how you can achieve the look in four easy steps:

1. SPACE. Place a single basket in each opening of a cubby-style shelf. If the basket is rectangula­r in shape, keep the longer side on view to expose more of the craftwork.

2. FOCUS. Create a focal point in the center of the unit with contrastin­g pieces. Kimberly chose weathered stick flags and a folk-art horse.

3. VARIETY. Enliven the scene by including a few small unrelated accents, like Kimberly’s petite artwork hung on the front edge of her shelf.

4. VIEW. Pull up a cushioned chair so you can settle in and enjoy your collection.

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