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Billie’s late husband, James Hayman, was a talented furniture maker, and his work is evident throughout her home. He combined pallet wood—his favorite medium—with salvaged windows to craft this sideboard. The rustic planks are ideally suited for indoor and outdoor furniture pieces such as end tables, coffee tables, shelves, benches and stools. Here are a few tips to consider before working with the material:

✤ Source the Resource: Inquire at a home improvemen­t store whether shipping pallets are available to customers. They may be offered to you for free, given you can transport them. Pallets are also commonly sold on eBay and local online message boards and marketplac­es.

✤ Refrain from Stains: When acquiring pallets, select those that appear clean and are free from chemical spots.

✤ Know the Code: Most pallets bear an official stamp that certifies how the wood was treated. DIYers prefer pallets with either an HT (heat treated) or a KD (kiln dried) stamp.

✤ Wash and Dry: Soon after you bring the pallets home, wash the wood with mild soap and let dry for 24 hours. Because the wood is unfinished, it can be quite absorbent and take time to dry completely after being washed.

✤ Make Cuts Count: Rather than remove the nails, many DIYers prefer to cut the wood between the nails and work with solid planks.

✤ Get the Wood into Shape: Use 80-grit to 120-grit sandpaper to smooth the rough surfaces. Remember to vacuum any excess dust before applying stain or primer. If you prefer a distressed finish, you may forgo the primer.

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