Country Sampler

Detail Oriented


Sometimes it’s the smallest touches that have the greatest results in a decorating scheme. Tina shares these tips on how to emphasize a beloved furnishing like the Welsh hutch made by her father in her dining room:

Repurpose, reuse. Transform a wood garden trellis into a hanging rack. Use it to call attention to a piece of artwork, or add hooks and upcycle it into a handy mug tree.

Hide it away. Pin a tea towel or a ruffled curtain to conceal a cabinet’s lower open shelf. This helps to reduce the sharp visual edges of the furnishing while creating extra hidden storage.

Select with care. Line a cupboard with matching canning jars and dishes in an orderly arrangemen­t that bestows calm. Drop in a few outliers for visual interest, like Tina’s large-scale wood horse displayed on top.

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