Country Sampler's Upstyled Home - - THE SOFTER SIDE OF INDUSTRY -

Old brushes and easels from an art school main­tain their orig­i­nal func­tion. •  A rolling cart holds a chem­istry set base to hold brushes and paints. • A lab­o­ra­tory petri dish be­comes a shadow box for art. • An in­dus­trial dish drying rack keeps art or­ga­nized with­out touch­ing can­vases to­gether. •  A phar­macy dosage mea­sur­ing tray be­comes a scrub­bable artist pal­ette. Apothe­cary bowls eas­ily tran­si­tion to paint hold­ers. • An old farm pul­ley rem­nant helps to or­ga­nize and dry paint­brushes.

“A group­ing of in­dus­trial pieces sup­port each other in the sense that they are all cre­ated for prac­ti­cal and func­tional pro­duc­tion. That makes it quite easy to mix and match flea-mar­ket pieces with suc­cess.”— MATTHEW MEAD

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