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In­dus­trial fur­nish­ings come in all shapes and sizes and COL­ORS. Look for relics in cheer­ful brights, and imag­ine fac­tory work­sta­tions and as­sem­bly lines il­lu­mi­nated by these in­spir­ing notes of color. Old gears, pails, lamps and a myr­iad of other items from all as­pects of in­dus­try look great grouped to­gether in a spec­tral dis­play. Items found in old paints with a nice patina can fetch many dol­lars more than pieces in fac­tory gray. So keep your eye out for these in­dus­try “fash­ion state­ments.”

BE RI­OUS INDUST l in­dus­tria foran Long­ing shade? aper­fect piecein paintand Di­lute­la­tex reaches un­tilit brushon col­ordepth. de­sired

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